You can vote 10* times a day on these links. if you vote once you will be rewarded with the following items:

Survival Vote Rewards: 2 diamonds, 2 Emeralds. (One time “Full vote bonus”* 5 diamons, 5 emeralds)

Skyblock Vote Rewards: 5 diamonds, $250 In-Game Money. (One Time “Full vote bonus”* 8 diamonds, $550 in game money)

Remember you must be in to the server for which you want to receive the rewards, for example if you want the rewards of survival, you must join the survival server!

* Full vote bonus is a bonus that is given to you if you vote 6 times in the same day, so in addition to the normal rewards of voting, you will have the added rewards of the full vote bonus.

#1 PlanetMinecraft

Vote #1

#2 MinecraftServers

Vote #2

#3 MC-Index

Vote #3

#4 TopG

Vote #4

#5 Minecraft-Mp

Vote #5

#6 Minecraft List

Vote #6

#7 TopMCservers

Vote #7

#8 ServerPact

Vote #8

#9 MineStatus

Vote #9

#10 MCSL

Vote #10




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Latest on Thu, 11:50 pm

derrick im new

derrick what is the password that i have to register with to get into the server

Raiyan YT here

Bully Hey I'm new to the server haven't played yet but gonna! Hope more people is online


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