The new server is almost ready!


The new server is almost ready!

Hi guys, I apologize if I have not kept you up to date, but I had to focus on projects and works that bring me money, I gave priority to my company first.

However, when I was about to re-open the server, on the old dedicated server, I was able to solve problems on the new one! So I decided to wait to go online directly with the new dedicated server!

Unfortunately if I had more time, I would take me a few days, but since this is a project that I carry on without earning money (pay only the server without eran anything), it took months!

Now I’m on vacation for a few days, and I will devote myself completely to this project, so we can get back online very soon! I’m actually work to optimize the entire network, the minecraft server already seems to work very well!

I still have to update the server version and all plugins, but that is something that I can continue to do even after putting back the server online!

If all goes according to plan, in less than two weeks the server back online!


Thanks for your patience!

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