Problems in the server change


Problems in the server change

Hi guys, you’re probably wondering which end we did rightly, unfortunately I had published a news more than a month ago, but for some reason I could only see that, so I’m writing now for a new update.

The new machine, of the new server is not compatible with our old minecraft server, we are trying for months now to resolve these compatibility issues, but every time we solve a problem, a new one comes out!

We are sure of being able to solve all these problems, but all of this is taking longer than expected, keep in mind that we do not earn nothing from all this, so we are often too busy with our business that instead bring us money.

However we thought that if we can not resolve this issue by the end of May or mid-June to the maximum, we shall restore all the old server online! So we quietly set up the new one. (We want to avoid this condition, because at the time of the server change, after the “quietly configuration”, we would still have another very short period of downtime to pass the latest changes that will be made in the worlds, on the new server before opening it, but if we are forced, we will do so.)

We apologize for this inconvenience, unfortunately we had more problems than we had already considered!

See you soon!

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