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    Name: Liam

    Age (At least 15 years of age): 14.11

    Languages that you speak: English a bit of Spanish, German and Japanese also i can understand Cebuano not speak it!

    Minecraft Name: Whitewarrior31

    Do you have a working microphone? Yes but i’m not really into team speak. I have skype and if team speak is needed ill try install it.

    Do you have a Teamspeak 3? No i am sorry read at the question above this one.

    Have you ever been Banned? Nope

    Motivation:  I want to be staff because I want the best for the players. I will do my best to keep them happy as well as under control. Also i will keep all hackers, spammers and advertisers under control too. I can take up all the responsibilities and my time for the server. I will do everything in my power to give the players the best time they deserve and help them when its needed.

    Experience: I have been an admin and a mod before yet the servers got server problems and had to be shut down and i forgot the i.p since it was numbers.

    What would you do if someone is abusing his rank?I will report them because i have no obligation to ban them or lower there rank unless i’m a higher rank then them i will lower there rank or ban them.

    What would you do if someone was advertising?You obviously mute them because there advertising but if this carries on i’m going to kick or ban them.

    Extra’s: I said everything  ;-)

    Anyways thanks for taking your time and reading my app!

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    I did read your application to the rest of the staff (head admin) and your application will look good, we want to know from what time to what time you can be online on the server? (indicates times in your home local time zone, and specifies which obviously is).

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