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    Name :

    My name is Caleb Falcotelo

    Age :

    Im 15 y/o

    Country :

    Where am i from ? Im from the small town at Dasmariñas,Cavite,Philippines

    At what times you’re on the server :

    In playing minecraft, i always play at weekdays on 4:00 PM (GMT+8:30) – 7:00 PM. In weekends ? I play on 9:00 AM (GMT+8:30) – 11:00 AM. ( The given time depends because my schedule are kind of busy these days)

    Language that you speak :

    Dominantly, I speak Filipino. Im  good in speaking English.

    Do you have a working mic  ?

    Yea. My mic is working great.

    Do you have TeamSpeak 3 ?

    Yes, Of course.

    Have you ever been banned ?

    Nope never been banned nor muted

    Motivation :

    I came here to apply because i love helping people and enjoying their Minecraft Experience. I have observed well in the server, and it appears out that it needs some guardians that moderates players that are rude.

    Experience :

    I have been on admin position on some of my friends’ server, like SolsticeMC its a 30-slot public server. I also became a moderator at DestructionCraft its a 200-slot public server which is hosted my McPro Gaming, DestructionCraft didnt really lasted long because the owner lacks experience in handling the server.

    What would you do if someone is abusing his rank ? :

    Of course, i’ll report them ASAP at the forums. I’ll warn him.

    What would you do if someone is advertising ? :

    Gee, of course, i’ll kick them and if he does it in his 2nd time, i’ll tempban him for 3 days.

    Extra’s :

    I love the common jokes, i have fun with what i do, I curse, and do a lot of stupid things, though i am serious when the matter requires me to do so.


    – Good day to everyone :)


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    You do not have the prerequisite described on the “Warning: (prerequisite)” on the post “How to applying for a Staff Position.”

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derrick im new

derrick what is the password that i have to register with to get into the server

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