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    Hi Jarvis,

    I am looking for a job on any minecraft server and in my opinion your one stood out the most. I have had past experience being an admin on huge servers like Pika-network and Extreme Craft. I am a very loyal person to fellow players and have various strengths. Such as I am able to notice hackers who use x-ray or kill aura when I spot them. When I was an admin on Pika I would do /vanish and randomly tp to people and just for an all round check. I am also very polite to fellow players and never lose my temper. I also am going to do a few videos on your server as I am in the stages of creating a youtube channel and will get the banner made very soon. I am hoping to bring more players to your server as that is what I did to Pika-Network. I will probably be on the server Monday- Friday around 4-6 then 7:45-8:30 and Saturday-Sunday around 9-12:30 and 5:30-9:30. I do however have a few exams coming up and may not be able to help everyday but most of the time. If you have faith in me please contact my skype at michealhamza1. Thanks you reading an I hope you take this into consideration. I hope you make me an admin.

    From WammyE

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derrick im new

derrick what is the password that i have to register with to get into the server

Raiyan YT here

Bully Hey I'm new to the server haven't played yet but gonna! Hope more people is online


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