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    As you are probably aware, the AvengersCraft Network has a team of volunteer staff who endeavour to improve the online game for all the players who choose our server. We are always on the lookout for new members to join the team, so if you believe you have something to offer, go ahead and make a staff application.

    What follows are instructions on how to do this and also some tips and example applications which might help you to impress us. Please make sure you read this thread fully before making an application.

    If you have any questions about what the position involves, please message a member of staff or come talk to us on Teamspeak before posting your application.

    Warning: (prerequisite) Only players who have made at least one donation (of 9.90 Eur or more) to the server, can apply to become staff! because only those who have “invested” in the server, truly believe in us and will take really care of the server!


    Give your thread a title which includes your in-game name.

    In the body of your post the following headings should be used and all sections must be completed.

    Name: Your real name

    Age (At least 15 years of age): Your age. Please note we do not review applications where the minimum age criteria is not met.

    Where are you from: you must specify city and country.

    At what times you’re on the server: for example “i’m online from 10:00 am to 8:00 pm” specify the time in your local time zone.

    Languages that you speak: List all the languages you speak to a good level with your most fluent first

    Minecraft Name: Your in-game name

    Date and time of your donation: The date and time of your donation, present in the receipt you receive via email, if the mail used for donating is different from the email of the forum registration, specifies the email also eliminating the last letters, example emailofm*** for more privacy.

    Do you have a working microphone? This is important as you will often need to speak with people on Teamspeak (See below)

    Do you have a Teamspeak 3? Teamspeak 3 is a free program which allows you to speak to other players and staff. You can download it here – The IP address for our Teamspeak server is ts3server://

    Have you ever been Banned? Yes/No – Please note: If you have ever been banned on our server your application will not be reviewed. Staff will check!

    Motivation: What makes you want to become staff on our server? (See tips section below for more advice on what to enter here)

    Experience: What experience do you have in Minecraft and/or any staff experience you have from other servers (Again, see below for more advice on what to enter here)

    What would you do if someone is abusing his rank? This refers to a fellow staff member using their enhanced in-game abilities to either assist other players to get an advantage or give themselves an advantage.

    What would you do if someone was advertising? How would you deal with someone posting IP addresses or information relating to other servers in the in-game chat?

    Extra’s: Here you can write anything which you feel relates to your application but isn’t covered in the other sections. Or perhaps just a little bit more about yourself to give us an idea of who you are and what you’re about?

    Some Advice on How to Present Your Application

    Format: The layout and design of your application is the first thing an admin will analyse before reading a single word. Of course, text on a screen with an established format is difficult to make stand out. However, the difference between a neat and tidy application and a monkey bashing on the keyboard is immediately obvious.

    Question (In bold, on a separate line)
    Answer – Below by one line, 2 lines in between questions

    Avoid making the layout of format too complicated in a bid to impress

    Language: You wouldn’t walk into a job interview and exclaim ‘What’s up mate? How’s life treating ya?’ Formal language is key to show intelligence and maturity, this isn’t an excuse to make your application boring!

    Try to word your application to give it an upbeat and positive manner rather than droning on about how you ‘want to help’, instead of just ‘wanting to help’, how about you ‘are eager to play a role in the ongoing improvement of a fantastic server’?

    Difference: Admins have to read page after page of these things, making yours stand out is the best way to stick in mind. Something which switches their minds back on without the use of caffeine is a memorable feat!

    For example, humour. Make the reader smile. However, if this isn’t your area, don’t try. Humour of poor taste or of low quality will make a reader curl their toes rather than the corners of their lips.

    The here and now: It’s all well and good talking about what you will do or can do. What have you already done? A friendly helpful face doesn’t always need a ‘helper’ tag in front on their name. Of course, commands aren’t in place and it’s a little hard to receive a response, but if the effort shows, the rest will come accordingly.

    Any kind of active effort is already greatly appreciated by the AvengersCraft-Staff. The forums are a ideal place to demonstrate your skills, understanding and activity.

    Be yourself: Don’t pretend to be something you’re not, in any aspect. Don’t lie about experience, because all this will lead to is awkward explanations in the future when you’re not sure if you made ‘that server you had on vanilla or not. Faking a personality is tiring, if it doesn’t come naturally, don’t bother. It’ll come back and bite you in the…shoulder. Nobody wants to see a newly appointed member full of life slowly descend into a different person they thought they knew.

    Is this what you want? I strongly suggest that you inquire to staff what the job entails before even considering posting an application to grasp an understand of what exactly you’re applying for. Make sure you want to do the job for the good of the server, rather than in hope of being noticed or the power of the commands.

    If you’ve only recently discovered the AvengersCraft Network, unless it was love at first click, you should refrain from applying for staff at this point. This may be your current craze, but a helper isn’t just for Christmas. You’ll have to stick with it! Dropping out is an option, but is a frustrating let down to over worked admins. If you have a life – this isn’t for you. Helper work is time consuming and needs regular attention.

    Added Bullet Point Tips

    – Don’t write ‘War and Peace’, but give it some length
    – Read it through, Check Spelling
    – Worked with another player or on another server? Quote their names, give admins evidence to work with.
    – Sort out your profile (Give yourself a picture, signature etc.)
    – Be aware what the job entails

    Do’s and Dont’s

    Do actively help other players in-game, on the forums and on Teamspeak

    Don’t ask staff to review your application. This will be done anyway

    Don’t advertise your application in-game or in the shoutbox on the forum

    Don’t comment too much on your application thread. This is seen as unnecessarily bumping.

    Do get to know the current team and players. It helps if we already know you when we see your application

    So, now you should have all the information you need to write a stunning application and also how to conduct yourself once you have submitted it.

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