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    So me and my friend have recently joined this server. This server is small, quick, and really fun.

    My friend dies a bunch. I don’t care much. But one thing that ticks me and him off is when ClearLag deletes his items before he can get to them.

    Come on! The server usually has about 8 players max at one time! There is no connection or lag issues at all! We don’t need ClearLag at this time. Also, when I select the server in the multiplayer section, it usually says “5/5000″ or something like that. Really? I mean, if this server can handle 5000 people, I’m sure it can handle some items on the ground for an extra 5 mins.

    Do something about this. PLEASE. At the very least, extend the ClearLag time by a few mins.

    Thank you for providing an entertaining server,


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    Clearlag, do everyone a favor by announcing the warnings, when you play as a single player, the items on the ground disappear the same, but without any kind of announcement.

    In our server, the clearlag removes the items on the ground only in the active chunk.
    This means that if you die in an isolated area, and no one active that chunk during clearlag, those items will remain on the ground until the chunk will not be activated again (a player will go in that area), and you can go back to take you items again, just use your brain, when you die, wait until next clearlag, and after that, back to the previous location (if you die on an isolated place), else ask to your neighboor to take items on the ground…

    Clearlag is part of the server, and cant be removed, if i remove clearlag plugin, the server remove items without give you any alert… and why i do not extend the time? every items on the ground on active chunk, count almost as a player connected to the server for the ram! and when you mine (for example) you generate almost 1000 items on the ground per minute.

    be more smart, use enderchest.

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    Ok so I get your message: you can’t remove it. However, our problem is that we play oclearing

    n the same chunk. Therefore, when we die, clear lag is 20 secs away from clearing our stuff. That isn’t enough time for our partner to get our stuff! Especially if we are mining and we die by skeleton, the other player can’t jump down there in an instant.

    So I see two possible options: either have Clearlag start its timer for each individual item (which I don’t think you can do)

    Or give us access to the /back command which allows us to go back to the last place we died at.

    There is nothing we can do if our partner can’t get there in time! Not all the other servers have clearlag.   And it seems like your server can handle a bunch from the looks of the player count (which is out of 5000)

    usually, clearlag clears about 10 items at a time. Surely the host computer can handle something like that for a few extra mins.

    All  I’m saying is that this system isn’t working well for the players


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