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    hello my name is Dexter if you want my last name ask i have team speack Steam and a profile on your website so we can talk or i can help out players i will be active on your server 4 -7 hours a day if you want me to How I Can Help You: i can help you by telling players what to do when they join or i can also help if they are cuasing truble i would deal with them if you want i could help build im really good and i guess your good to My Age: I am 16 turning 17 soon im sorry if im young stuff i will do on your server: i will play survival and be active but i probally mostly watch players nobody doing what there not spoused to things i wont do on your server: Spamm no banning or muting or kicking players for no Reason i will only kick bann mute if i have to I speach English And Srubiean NO I have not been banned but i have been muted for saying Spawn kill but i promis you i will not on this server if some one was advertizing i would mute or kick them for a warning if you dont want me to Contact me on skype if you want me to be my self i will I have been Normal Admin on a server hub but on other servers ive been co-owner its ok if you dont belive me but yes i have Experience EXtra: im a basketBall Player i play minecraft and i love to SnowBoard I hope that told you more

    Thanks For Reading And letting me apply Sorry if spelling was bad i mad the app late at night so i have to be Silent


    Skype:Dexter.boll Msg Me If you cant find it

    Im applying for Head-Admin Or Admin And IF your wondering all server want me to make a app for the other servers msg me or tell me when im playing your server i dont need head-admin or admin you pick one that you think fits me

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    No correct layout, have you readed how to of this section before posting?

    another thing, no one start from admin rank (axcept founder staff), all our staff start from “Helper” rank, helper can mute, jail, use /tp, /fly and if thats good, and stay with us for a long period, we promote him at the next rank (Moderator) and go on, you can reach admin rank, but you have to be good for long time.

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derrick what is the password that i have to register with to get into the server

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Bully Hey I'm new to the server haven't played yet but gonna! Hope more people is online


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