EggWars Game Mode Released!


EggWars Game Mode Released!

We have added a new game mode in our server, a new server connected to our network! The mode is EggWars, known as BedWars in other servers, and very similar to SkyWars, but composed in Team! Each team must defend their egg placed on its own island, the island of each team have the generators of resources, these resources can be used and expenses with Villager Shop present in each island, the central island contains additional generators They are used to activate inactive generators on our island! If you are killed, but your egg is intact, you respawn on your island, but if your egg is removed when you get killed, you’re out of the game! The winner is the team that survives to last and removes all members of the rival team after destroying their eggs!

Soon many kits available with which to start the game, Ranks and Crates are available to unlock enhanced Kit and earn more E-Coins to spend on kit or to climb the charts, there are in fact many charts!

Join us and start to play!

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