EggWars Game Mode Released!

We have added a new game mode in our server, a new server connected to our network! The mode is EggWars, known as BedWars in other servers, and very similar to SkyWars, but composed in Team! Each team must defend their egg placed on its own island, the island of each team have the generators of resources, these resources can be used and expenses with Villager Shop present in each island, the central island contains additional generators They are used to activate inactive generators on our island! If you are killed, but your egg is intact, you respawn on your island, but if your egg is removed when you get killed, you’re out of the game! The winner is the team that survives to last and removes all members of the rival team after destroying their eggs!

Soon many kits available with which to start the game, Ranks and Crates are available to unlock enhanced Kit and earn more E-Coins to spend on kit or to climb the charts, there are in fact many charts!

Join us and start to play!




WE ARE BACK! Server online again!

After much waiting, in just two days i solved all and the game server is online on the new dedicated server!

To log on to the server be sure to use the correct hostname/ip, that is:

If you see a headline/title that alerts you to update your dns, update them!

How to update/refresh/flush DNS:
On windows: Open CMD (from “run” under start or by press “windows key” + “R”) and type: “ipconfig /flushdns” without quote, and hit “enter”, done, just retry to connect on our server.

On MAC: Open terminal (from app search) and type: “lookupd -flushcache” or “dscacheutil -flushcache”, without quote, and hit “enter”, done, just retry to connect on our server.

On Linux: by default Linux do not offer dns chace service, you not need to flush dns.

Many plugins do not work, and the servers are all to upgrade, you can still play for the moment, nothing will change when i update the plugin and the server.

The world has not been reset and will not reset even after updates!




The new server is almost ready!

Hi guys, I apologize if I have not kept you up to date, but I had to focus on projects and works that bring me money, I gave priority to my company first.

However, when I was about to re-open the server, on the old dedicated server, I was able to solve problems on the new one! So I decided to wait to go online directly with the new dedicated server!

Unfortunately if I had more time, I would take me a few days, but since this is a project that I carry on without earning money (pay only the server without eran anything), it took months!

Now I’m on vacation for a few days, and I will devote myself completely to this project, so we can get back online very soon! I’m actually work to optimize the entire network, the minecraft server already seems to work very well!

I still have to update the server version and all plugins, but that is something that I can continue to do even after putting back the server online!

If all goes according to plan, in less than two weeks the server back online!


Thanks for your patience!




Problems in the server change

Hi guys, you’re probably wondering which end we did rightly, unfortunately I had published a news more than a month ago, but for some reason I could only see that, so I’m writing now for a new update.

The new machine, of the new server is not compatible with our old minecraft server, we are trying for months now to resolve these compatibility issues, but every time we solve a problem, a new one comes out!

We are sure of being able to solve all these problems, but all of this is taking longer than expected, keep in mind that we do not earn nothing from all this, so we are often too busy with our business that instead bring us money.

However we thought that if we can not resolve this issue by the end of May or mid-June to the maximum, we shall restore all the old server online! So we quietly set up the new one. (We want to avoid this condition, because at the time of the server change, after the “quietly configuration”, we would still have another very short period of downtime to pass the latest changes that will be made in the worlds, on the new server before opening it, but if we are forced, we will do so.)

We apologize for this inconvenience, unfortunately we had more problems than we had already considered!

See you soon!




Server Closed Until March 1

Hello dear players, we are changing the dedicated server where our minecraft server is loaded, we are migrating to a more powerful machine with higher performance.

To do this we need several days, because we have to perform all backups, upload them to the new dedicated server, optimize new dedicated server to accommodate the minecraft server, and configure it to do so to work well!

During this step, the server will be closed, but YOU DO NOT LOSE ANYTHING! In fact, there will be NO WORLD RESET!

Thanks for understanding and sorry for the inconvenience




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derrick im new

derrick what is the password that i have to register with to get into the server

Raiyan YT here

Bully Hey I'm new to the server haven't played yet but gonna! Hope more people is online


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